Complaints Procedure


At MILES BYRON Real Estate we strive to provide the best possible levels of service to all of our customers at all times. However there might be the rare occasion that you feel the levels of service has slipped and not met your level of expectation. The following information has been created to assist you in making us fully aware of any issues/concerns you may have so that we can resolve them as professionally and efficiently as possible for you.


Please inform us with any specifics you are unhappy/not satisfied with regards to the service we have provided you with and how you feel we could resolve them for you.


This needs to be provided in writing or alternatively please email it to us. Details are as follows:



Address To Write To:

Mr Richard Whatton

12 Vale Leaze 

Little Somerford



SN15 5JS


By providing your complaint to us in writing it will assist us in fully understanding your issues/concerns, which in turn ensures we investigate them fully and fairly. Regardless of how we receive your complaint, we will acknowledge receipt in writing within 3 working days.


Your complaint will be considered by the relevant manager. In the written acknowledgement from us, you will be advised, who is to be responsible for investigating your complaint. You will receive a detailed response within fifteen working days of our receiving your complaint. If further time is required e.g. to receive reports from a third party, then you will receive a written explanation for any delay at the end of the fifteen working day timeframe.




We are committed to ensuring all complaints are fully and fairly addressed. We respect you rights to take any complaint to a third party and we will fully cooperate with them. Therefore, in our final letter to you, we will always confirm when a deadlock situation has been reached, which signals that we have come to the end of our internal complaints procedure. If you are dissatisfied  with the conclusion of the in-house review of the complaint, you can refer the matter to 'The Property Ombudsman'.


The address is as follows:


The Property Ombudsman

Milford House

43-55 Milford Street




Telephone: 01722 333 306




Please Note: You should refer the matter as soon as possible after receiving our final response, but always within 12 months of the date of our last letter to you. You must have passed through our internal complaints procedure for 'The Property Ombudsman' to consider your complaint.